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Moruya Rodeo 2019

The town of Moruya is situated on the banks of the Moruya River, on the South Coast of NSW.  The Rodeo Association of Moruya have a long history of ABCRA Rodeos and run each year on New Years Day.  This year the Moruya Rodeo was a solid base for the cowboys and cowgirls of the Southern Zone Rodeo Association with 4 Rodeos over a 5 day period.


Just over 400 entries were received to compete for over $13,000 of advertised prizemoney with just over $21,000 being paid out at the end of the day.


Feature events at Moruya Rodeo are the Gaye Davidge Memorial Junior Bull and the Jim Turnbull Memorial Novice Bull.  Gaye and Jim were lost to the Rodeo Association in 2015 and their memories are kept alive with buckles in each event donated by PBOZ.  Gaye’s son Paul serves on the Committee and daughter Kimberlee competed in the Steer Undecorating. 


The two places in the Gaye Davidge Memorial Junior Bull Ride were riding young bulls bred by John ‘Stag’ Davidge, who was Gaye’s husband for the many years she served as Secretary on the Committee. Stag has been a member of the Rodeo Association since its inception.  Twenty six 14-U18 Junior Bull Riders entered the event with only two qualified rides.  They were Jeremiah Lander with a 74 and Jake Deudney with a 68.


The Jim Turnbull Memorial Novice Bull drew 21 competitors for a total prize pool of $1,540.  Jim still has ties to the Rodeo through his daughter Sue who helps the Secretary, Amber, work in the office on Rodeo day.  Jim’s son Robert is still a major sponsor of the Rodeo as well as running the local ‘Turnbulls Fuel and Produce.  There were only 2 qualified rides in the event, with the judges being unable to split them scoring both a 68.  They were Jacob Rayner and Lawson Stenhouse who shared in the money taking home $770 each.  The Rodeo Committee have offered to purchase a second buckle so Jacob and Lawson have one each.


The Novice Barrel Race was first to go and on New Years Day many riders were feeling the effects of a night out in Moruya town.  There were 64 riders competing for their chance at the $700 total prizemoney.  Sharna-Lee Ross had a blistering run on Rustler to post a time of 16.190 for first place.  The Ladies Barrel Race drew 27 competitors competing for a total prize pool of $2,079.  Michelle Bush and Yankee showed the competitors a clean set of heels to finish in a time of 15.890 and take home $769.30.  Emma Peters was second with a 16.01 and Katina Matthews third in a time of 16.05.


Junior and Juvenile Barrel Racers numbered just over 50.  The 14-U18 Juvenile Barrel Race was won by Megan Atkins and Houdini with a 16.369. The 11-U14 Junior Barrel Race was won by Sophie Edwards riding Late for School in a time of 16.238 and this was the fastest time over the course on the day.  Under 11 Junior Barrel Racer Chase Russell riding Matey was first in a time of 16.690.


There were 3 qualified rides from 10 entries in the 8-U11 Junior Steer Ride.  First place was Levi Ward with a 78, Bailey Searle was second with a 76 and Jake Tomlinson third with a 72.  The 11-U14 Junior Steer Ride saw 3 qualified rides with Toby Deudney first with a 76, Joshua Smith and Koby Read were equal second with a 69. 


There were 21 competitors in the 8-U11 Junior Breakaway with 3 qualified catches.  First was Jake Deudney in a time of 5.31, second Montana Jackson in a 5.35 and third Mekenzie Woodhouse in a time of 13.54.


The Ladies Steer Undecorating was very competitive with 33 entries for a total prize pool of $2,120.  First was Sallie Pilgrim in a time of 1.84, Katina Matthews second in a time of 2.20, third Candice Parkinson in a 2.42, fourth Brianna Birks in a 2.45 and fifth Margaret Urquhart in a 2.61.  Ladies Breakaway Ropers rode for a total prize pool of $1,600 and all five places were filled with Chelsey Byers taking home first place with a 3.47 and Vicki Schiller second with a 3.54.  Third place went to Billie-Lee Conroy with a 4.095, fourth to Brianna Birks with a 4.39 and fifth Samantha Murphy with an 11.73.


There were 29 Team Ropers fighting it out for a slice at the prizemoney of $2,159.  Timmy Clarke/Ben Robinson took home first with a 7.49 and Layne Mancell/Joel Mancell second with a 7.72.  Heath Nichols won the Rope & Tie with a 9.56 second time. The Steer Wrestling was won by Matt Hedlund in a time of 4.07 with Jack Hedlund second with a 4.47.


The Novice Saddle Bronc drew 14 entries for a total prize pool of $1,200.  There were 2 qualified rides with Hayden Murphy scoring a 71 and Ryan Cox scoring a 70 to share in the prizemoney.  The Novice Bareback also saw 2 qualified rides with Jesse Bargallie scoring a 71 and Clayton Gatt a 70 to share in the money.


The Bareback was won by Travis Wheatley on Wishing Well with a 77.  Clayton Gatt on Underdog and Gerard Oversby on Rain Man tied second place with a 75.  There were 3 qualified rides with Bad To The Bone, TRC Tourist Attraction, Diva and TRC Black Andrew leaving the arena unridden.


The Saddle Bronc competitors filled 4 placings for a total prize pool of $1,399.  Jason Carlon rode Boothill Saddler for first place with a 76.  Michael Johnston scored a 74 on TRC Turn Me Loose for second and Zeb Pearce rode TRC Hawkeye for a third with 71.  Josh Barnett rode Stilleto for fourth place with a 70.  There were 4 qualified rides with War Dance, TRC Toms Choice, TRC Fools Gold, TRC Wyangle Warrior, TRC Small Event, TRC Cindys Star and TRC Burra Road leaving the arena unridden.


The Bulls were on their home turf and only had a few kilometres to travel to the Showground from their home paddock.  Fourteen Riders entered up to battle for the $1,900 total prize pool.  After the dust had settled Zac Maher was the only qualified ride on Yaca Bom scoring a 78 to take home the prize pool.  Hammer Me, Red Bull, Golden Glove, Tommy H, Air Raid, Curly, Cousin It, Hannibal, Crusty Critter, Billy, Top Cat, Uncle Fester, Tiger and Rock left the arena unridden.


Crowds for the 2019 Rodeo packed the grounds to near capacity.  There was Rodeo action from 10am in the morning till 10pm at night and many of the crowd stayed on for an impromptu view of the bucking horses stretching their legs in the arena en masse.


The Rodeo Association of Moruya provided the Bulls necessary to run the event.  Ray Jeffery provided the steers and was the contractor for the day.  Rick Wilson contracted the horses for the bronc events.  These were his own stock as well as Tumut Rodeo Committee (TRC) owned horses.


The Rodeo Committee would like to thank all of the volunteers who came on Rodeo day as well as the sponsors without which the Rodeo would not have been such a great success.

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